An early “thank you” to Richard Lau & Team for NamesCon

NamesCon 2016 is a few days away, and I’m excited to be arriving in Las Vegas this coming Saturday.

This will be my 4th domain conference in Vegas since 2010, and the 3rd time attending Richard Lau‘s superb creation.

I’m well aware of the fact that Richard did not magically create this ground-breaking get-together of domain industry professionals alone, or overnight.

There are plenty of people I should be thanking here, and I will collectively refer to them as the NamesCon Team, so thank you all.

These are hard-working people with a unified vision, to uplift the domain industry into a well-renowned, respectable market for the benefit of domain investors, brokers, brand developers, marketers, legal advisers and other professionals.

My professional background allows me to acknowledge the Sisyphean effort required to put together a harmonious combination of educational workshops, impromptu meetings, organized debates and fun get-togethers, in a city synonymous with mindless fun. NamesCon offers all that, and more.

Whether you are a domain conference veteran, or a freshman in the industry, this is the place to be. Vegas, baby!

I’m attending NamesCon 2016 knowing in advance that it’ll beat its 2015 self out of the water, simply because of the dynamic structure that Richard Lau and his NamesCon Team have put together; an industry powerhouse that enhances entrepreneurship and allows us to exchange ideas and to be creative, productive and have fun while doing it.

If you attend NamesCon, reach out and say hello.

My triple function as a domain investor, brand developer, and domain industry reporter can lead to some interesting conversations. Just remember, that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t really stay there.

On Wednesday, January 13th, you can also join Braden Pollock, Scott McCormick and I, on a discussion panel about Domain Name Security – Infosec, DNSSEC, Domain Hijacking. Domain theft is a serious matter that I’ve personally been following and tackling for more than a decade, and as domain investors we need to squash its ugly head once and for all.

Best piece of advice I could give anyone attending NamesCon for the first time: Drink plenty of water, wear comfy shoes, say hello to everyone.

Handshakes are not required but a broad smile usually helps while you keep your hands in your pockets. It’s ok, flu season can be nasty. Keep track of your schedule by using Scheduler. And above all, have fun.

Happy New Year!


  1. Leave it to a Greek to speak of “sisyphean effort”! I’m sure it must be quite the undertaking – NamesCon.

  2. Thanks, Joseph. Part Atlas, part Sisyphus, ancient Greek mythology offers a rich cache of analogies to modern life. Happy New Year! 😀

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