Domain conferences are not solely for selling domains

Many domain investors that do not attend domain conferences actively, view them as a vehicle for selling domains from their inventory. When I attended TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, Florida, I too had aspired to sell domains during the auction. While that didn't happen, it was a blessing in disguise, … [Read more...]

Five reasons NamesCon 2016 was a turning point for the domain industry

NamesCon 2016 was a turning point, as far as domain conferences go; it is also a pivotal point for the domain industry. Its organizers have extensive data about attendance and other important metrics, and I'm certain that part of it will be released eventually. What matters right now, is the … [Read more...]

Thoughts and recollections from attending NamesCon 2016

When I thanked Richard Lau and the NamesCon Team in advance, I had no doubt in my mind that they'd produce a stellar domain conference. Spending several days in Las Vegas can take its toll, particularly when one has to balance business with entertainment. My legs are still sore from being part … [Read more...]

An early “thank you” to Richard Lau & Team for NamesCon

NamesCon 2016 is a few days away, and I'm excited to be arriving in Las Vegas this coming Saturday. This will be my 4th domain conference in Vegas since 2010, and the 3rd time attending Richard Lau's superb creation. I'm well aware of the fact that Richard did not magically create this … [Read more...]