Anonymous or eponymous? Domain offers with a signature

Domain offers that arrive with a full name and contact information are definitely the best; they allow me to get a full grasp of who the other party is, and what they want.

It gives me the opportunity to potentially get on the phone and negotiate a sale, quickly and painlessly.

Anonymous inquiries are fine too. I can do my research with basic contact information, or simply negotiate on the pure basis of the domain’s worth. Not the best option, but it can lead to a sale, although the days of such offers are gone for me, along with my Sedo listings.

An interesting twist is that of the anonymous offer that goes to the opposite extreme and flaunts their contact information after a couple of emails, revealing one’s company name, role, assets, LinkedIn profile etc.

Is there a point in doing so, or was the person uncomfortable to disclose their information at first? Were they hoping to get a better price quote by not explaining who they are?

There is no definitive answer.

I’ve dealt with such anon-to-epon cases, where the buyer still received the same quote as originally, regardless of their status in the corporate world. I’ve also seen cases where the all of a sudden eponymous party appears to demand “respect” or “recognition” for who they are.


The bottom line is, that you have something that they want. You are in control of the game and the price. You can sell or you can let them know that while it’s nice to review their “credentials”, it all comes down to one thing: money.

If the price is right, sell – anonymous or eponymous – it won’t matter.


  1. A potential buyer who reveals who they are is showing a sign of good faith bargaining, and are taking one factor out of the negotiation process for me (in trying to discover who they are). If they are going to be anonymous, at least they should be direct and professional, which is also appreciated.

  2. Domains – Well said, I fully agree.

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