NameJet: Still a top venue for savvy domain investors

I've been using NameJet for the past 5 years; investing thousands of dollars in aged, quality .com, .net and .org domains. The sweet spot seems to be two-word .com domains, a practice that Frank Schilling ascribed to since his early investment days. NameJet is an excellent repository of such … [Read more...]

Registrars: I don’t need add-on services

The amount of spam - unsolicited email - that I receive daily, is horrendous. Along with offers to buy worthless domains, lowball inquiries and emails from "buxom Ukrainian 24-year-olds", some domain registrars started to send out a hefty amount of emails unrelated to domain registration … [Read more...]

Pool kicks SnapNames in the gonads

For domains that are scheduled for deletion, Pool has the upper hand over SnapNames. Time and again, I've found that if I back-order a domain at both, Pool wins it 100% of the time. If I use SnapNames only, then I either lose the domain to a private label drop-catcher, or SnapNames catches … [Read more...]

Domain investor’s dilemma: Sell or hold?

Quite often, domain investors manage their portfolios with a mother's tender eyes. Holding a domain - or several - for years, one reaches a point that they can't let go. Until the right offer comes, that is. ;) Despite what romantics among us want you to believe, money does buy everything: … [Read more...]

Anonymous or eponymous? Domain offers with a signature

Domain offers that arrive with a full name and contact information are definitely the best; they allow me to get a full grasp of who the other party is, and what they want. It gives me the opportunity to potentially get on the phone and negotiate a sale, quickly and painlessly. Anonymous … [Read more...]