Are you on vacation?

Those of us that utilize Domain Name Sales brokers, often speak with amazement about their effectiveness to reach out and complete domain sales on our behalf.

Each DNS broker has their own distinct style in responding, and adjusts it according to the inquiry’s particulars.

I keep a close watch on these broker responses, and have found some great combinations that I incorporate in my custom templates.

There is one, however, that clearly stands out for its qualities: short, sweet, and a little paradoxical.

An inquiry that isn’t responsive despite several attempts, would often receive the message:

“Are you on vacation?”

At first, I found that response to be odd, funny and borderline rude.

Then, I saw the light, after witnessing its success rate in generating a response from the other party!

It seems that such a remark triggers an emotional connection that leads to a response, and while there is no warranty of a positive answer, it seems to work 3/4 of the time.

As I have mentioned in the past, getting any response versus no response at all, is classes better, in my book.

So, next time your potential domain buyer is acting all deaf to your elaborate responses, try the “are you on vacation” approach.


  1. Superb Idea,
    Although I would not used it on large scale but I would surely give it a try.

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