Domain intelligence : Missing info on Uniregistry Market a glitch or a feature?

Happy New Year. We're getting closer to NamesCon 2017; during the domain conference, Uniregistry will be announcing its Uniregistry Market app, and lots of new features for its existing web and app platforms. It seems that DNS, the Domain Name Sales platform that served me and hundreds of … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Market : Domain portfolio additions to Domain Name Sales now instant?

My domain portfolio is mostly available through Domain Name Sales. While there have been some issues in the past, they typically get resolved quickly and I'm currently into the 4th year of using DNS both for PPC monetization and domain sales. At the same time, I typically use Uniregistry for … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : The year after year repeaters

I have no problem with receiving domain inquiries that do not immediately convert into a sale. An exchange that did not lead to a sale, provides useful metrics about a particular domain, and helps me understand the other party's intentions better. Some inquiries fail due to a budgetary … [Read more...]

Responding to Domain Name Sales inquiries can be a challenge at times

Not all inquiries at Domain Name Sales lead to a positive, constructive exchange. Let's face it: every impersonal communication can deviate from the rules and principles of "in person" exchange. The use of email can trigger responses that can be misconstrued by either party, thus leading to an … [Read more...]

Are you on vacation?

Those of us that utilize Domain Name Sales brokers, often speak with amazement about their effectiveness to reach out and complete domain sales on our behalf. Each DNS broker has their own distinct style in responding, and adjusts it according to the inquiry's particulars. I keep a close watch … [Read more...]