BuyDomains and UDRPs: Not really a surprise

BuyDomains was served with a third UDRP in a week, according to Mike Berkens at TheDomains.

I’m not in the least surprised and I’ll explain why.

It’s a game of numbers. It’s pure statistics at work: the more domains one owns – assuming that they are spread naturally and are not intentional, blatant trademark violations – the chances of being served with a UDRP are higher.

With four million domains in its portfolio, BuyDomains is definitely a large player in the market. During the past few years, BuyDomains liquidated several thousand domains and released a few more. But the bulk of its portfolio has been held for years.

Sometimes, trademark holders or those who believe they have a case don’t wait any longer. Corporate lawyers change and younger, more aggressive legal teams take over the game of intimidation.

On top of that, BuyDomains monetizes its domains in a manner that gives plenty of fodder to those companies that witness their products, brands or those of competitors appear as ads on the web sites.

So it’s not really a surprise that those recent cases saw the light of domaining day. Domain investment carries its risk and BuyDomains has recorded plenty of success to prove that such investment is worth it.


  1. Acro,i thought rarenames or buydomains have about 1 million domains not 4 million.
    I’m i wrong?

  2. 4 million domains? I always thought it was a lot lower. Do you have a specific reason / source for that number?

  3. Francois says

    Yes but large portfolio is not one week old. Why this increase of UDRPs last week?
    Look here:
    These past weeks many catchy short generics has been attacked by UDRP, I do not remember having seen that previously.
    My feeling is the UDRP option is starting to be spread and many should start trying that route to get the name they never wanted to buy.

  4. Rich and KD – I go by what they state on their web site.

    Francois – How many UDRPs did they have in the past 10 years? It’s like playing the lotto; you might not win for 10 years and then win it three times in a row 😀

  5. I am pretty sure all these UDRPs are calculated in BuyDomains business strategy. Losing couple of domains with TM issue is not a bid deal for them.

    Plus, it must be hard to keep track of all your domains if you have several millions of them. I don’t think they parked a TM domain intentionally.

  6. Acro,that’s how many they have in their system out of those 4 mill i got 3,500 listed.
    The have 1 million of their own.
    Nobody has 4 mill,but they have the most.

    “Losing couple of domains with TM issue is not a bid deal for them”
    i agree with Gifted

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