Cast Away: Mike Robertson’s “Wilson” moment for a good cause!

This is an exclusive picture of Mike Robertson – Business Development Manager for Dark Blue Sea and

Mike has been growing a beard for more than three weeks now, in order to help raise awareness about the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia.

Not only has Mike’s campaign helped raise a significant portion of the pledged money before Australia Day on January 26, but it has helped bring out a lot of the humor that Aussies are known for – including Paul Hogan of “Crocodile Dundee” fame 😀

Mike’s sense of humor is evident in the exclusive photo below, with Mike Robertson posing with “Wilson” – the volleyball that Tom Hanks spent “quality time” with in the movie “Cast Away“.

Simply awesome!

Please help Mike and his campaign by donating to the cause – every dollar counts.

I will personally mail Mike a shaving kit once the goal is reached! 😀


  1. Roy Flanders says

    For Mike to get THAT much “growth” would take at least 3 years- forget 3 weeks! But since he is one of the genuine NICE guys in this business, I’ll kick in my share. I’ll even hope to encourage a few others by MATCHING every other dollar ($25 USD min) pledge, up to $500 US. So, with a little luck we can quickly get up an additional $1,000. (But I really hope he KEEPS it- he was kinda wussy looking without it.) –Roy

  2. Fun. I have the donate banner on my site as I already have a beard!

  3. Roy – that’s very generous of you and indeed, we need more people to contribute with their dollar – no penny is too humble to be donated!

    Matt – awesome 😀

  4. Roy Flanders says

    Good for you Matt. Just to satisfy those pals who love to see me spring off my wallet- Please give through [Or YOUR CALL your call here Matt, with some code like “Roy Match!”] Time to kick butt!

  5. That’s a very generous offer of your Roy, thanks so much for your support; even if you did call me a “wussy!”

    Again, Theo, what can I say? Really appreciate it man. Only one more day to go and the beard is gone. Keep the donations coming in people, all for a good cause.

  6. Is this the guy who’s running the cyberbullying racket,

    Good works in Australia ain’t gonna do much to help him get into Heaven. Does anyone get it that it’s mostly children and teenagers accessing the “background” checking and mugshot look-ups? Bullying material. Shaming their friends. Good job. Hope you make trillions of dollars. Too bad it’s only stupid Americans and not tolerated in other civilized countries.

  7. To the person above: No, this isn’t Mike. Ever heard of people sharing similar names or even the same name?

    “Our” Mike is an Aussie. That other Michael is American, and can be found at

    I hope that answers your questions.

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