Sedo : Maybe the domain seller *is* on vacation

At Uniregistry Market, an ongoing joke is about brokers asking the other party - typically, the buyer - whether they are on vacation. While that statement intends to gauge a response due to its mild but effective non-PC manner, there are times that the statement is true. During a recent domain … [Read more...]

Domain NDAs : Make sure they expire, eventually

If there's one thing I regret about certain private domain sales, is that the NDA - non disclosure agreement - involved, does not expire. I'd love to share some notable domain sales, as I often do when the buyer has secured their business launch and/or other TLDs. In the case of domain sales tied … [Read more...]

Very pleased with and

As an impulse domain buyer, when I saw the domain listed for sale on the timeline I clicked on it. The domain was being offered on with as the escrow - another pair of great services by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo. In June I sold … [Read more...]

Sedo active on the weekend?

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a transaction that was pending at Sedo on Friday, moved on with payment on Saturday. Specifically: On Friday, I pushed as instructed a domain to the Sedo account with the holding registrar. Due to the time being around 5pm, there was no further … [Read more...]

Things I’ve learned from other domainers

While I achieved my first domain sale in early 2000, I didn't register domains with the intent to sell until a year later. In 2002 I joined the WebHostingTalk community, and after that DNForum. Since my early days of interacting with other domainers I've learned a few things, for which I'm … [Read more...]