China and domain escrow services : Just use has released a series of increasingly cryptic announcements regarding its service and web site availability.

It all started when a message via Twitter and Facebook indicated that will be closing down for “1-3 days” to perform some business entity changes.

The announcement was followed up by stating that more days will be required; however, has returned back to normal activity, perhaps under pressure for answers by the domain community.

A spokesperson dispelled as “rumours” any claims of permanent closure of, or any other issues with the business. While new transactions could not be started at the time, an alternate domain,, was allocated for active transactions.

Escrow services in China’s hyper-active domain market generate a lot of activity, and revenue. The question is, what type of financial security is backing those transactions, should the unthinkable happen.

There is an array of reasons that Chinese domain investors would benefit from using instead, and can be summed up into the following two points:

  • is licensed, bonded, regulated and audited
  • can now be accessed in the Chinese language

For the sake of Chinese domain investors, checks the origin of the visitor, such as their IP address and automatically sets the language to Chinese.

To access the Chinese section of directly, visitors can go to

Personally, as a user of since 2002, I have utilized their domain escrow service consistently and without any issues; I definitely recommend their services.


  1. Hi Acro,

    Echo from here. You may already know, website is back!

    We can’t apologize enough for what happened in the past days, it’s been tough for us as well. Yes, I agree that is great, we are lucky to have such a competitor in front of us, it drives us to make all our efforts to deliver equally good service to our users. We know that is not there yet, but we’re on our way. Growth takes time and mistakes. We have learned lessons from the sudden changes and we still hope for a better future. //Echo

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