: A few details on the Secure Domain Name Holding process offers a secure domain name holding process, that is a perfect fit for domain sales made via installments. When a domain buyer is unable to come up with the funds for a domain up front, not everything is lost. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone desiring a particular domain name, … [Read more...]

Domains and : It’s been 14 years already!

This weekend marks the 14th anniversary of my first encounter with domain escrow services provider, The sale was that of the domain, a hand registration that I sold for low $xxx; before that, using PayPal or wire/check/CC payments were the primary methods. Its buyer, … [Read more...] vs. Sedo : A domain escrow timeline

For the past 14 years, I've been using to safely transact in domain name investing. Acquiring and selling domains requires a trusted medium, and I've raved about the services of While is a sponsor of many domain industry publications, including one of my own, … [Read more...]

China and domain escrow services : Just use has released a series of increasingly cryptic announcements regarding its service and web site availability. It all started when a message via Twitter and Facebook indicated that will be closing down for "1-3 days" to perform some business entity changes. The announcement was … [Read more...]

The beauty of having multiple options

Having options means you can accomplish things faster, and more efficiently - as long as you're willing to make decisions. When the road ahead is a single route, you are constrained by the definition of that road; its bumps or twists determine your only navigation of it and the speed of your … [Read more...]