.CO campaign – It’s the typography, silly!

As a graphic designer and web developer, I’m well aware of the lack of aesthetics in the domain industry.

Very rarely do I come across well-designed web sites that deliver and maintain the intended message and retain an identity across the board.

In a world plagued by cheap labor and designers willing to work for a pittance, quality is a rare element.

Let’s take logos, for example.

A logo is 75% typography, the rest is color selection and surrounding elements that define the logo’s overall impact.

What a logo isn’t: an image, such as clipart, stuck next to a company name.

That’s called scrapbooking.

But let’s go back to the domain industry.

I’m impressed by the .CO campaign; after all, it comes from a group of industry giants located in Washington DC.

The folks at Pappas Groupalready a bonus point for being a company of Greek roots – did an outstanding job with the .CO campaign; the logo, choice of colors and overall approach to what would have been “just another TLD” all contributed to the .CO success.

I did some scouting of my own and discovered that the primary font used for the .CO campaign was created by London-based Dalton Maag – a creative company with two decades of experience in font and logo creation. Incidentally, the font itself is called “Co Font” – a striking .COincidence that generated plenty of positive vibes for the marketing team of the Pappas Group.

A job well done and a lesson in creative design and advertising principles, from the .CO campaign!


  1. Hai ACRO,
    any information about the font name?

  2. Zam – did you check the link above? 😉

  3. CO has a very nice site. Thanks for pointing it out to me. A refreshing original piece of art in this era of template Word Press sites.

  4. I will take about 50 years for .co domains to even be on the same level as .net domains. I said this because I don’t see how people would prefer to type .co instead of .com. Even if you advertise very well your .co website people still will type .com because that’s what they are used to. It is even easier to to be successful advertising your .net website than your .co website, because .co is to close to .com.

  5. love the logo and all the creative marketing elements in .CO campaign, from slogans to design. it’s amazing what you can do with a good marketing budget.


  6. hi acro

    I too had admired the .co logo and the marketing materials around this. I would not have known where to start identifying the font used. fascinating stuff.

    thank you


  7. Steve – You’re welcome.

    Emma – You’ve missed the point of this article.

    Dan – True, good budget well-spent on competent professionals always has a great return.

    Lee – I had to go straight to the source 😀

  8. zaman.. have a google search for the font name and the design company. But you have to pay an amount. It is not free…

  9. The Co Font link is in my post already!

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