Why you should get rid of your ‘Domainer’ title

A few days ago I explained why I don't consider myself a domainer, a title and word that has yet to make any dictionary. Simply put, the activity surrounding 'domaining' is not only misunderstood to those outside of the industry, it's also often distorted and abused by those in it. Allow me to … [Read more...]

Dot .CO madness: What domains did I spend my money on?

Since the .CO Registry opened up its gates ten days ago, more than 370,000 .CO domains have been registered. Initial concern over the long-term visibility of .co domains was calmed down by Google's reassuring statement that .co domains will be given equal treatment among .com, .net, .org and the … [Read more...]

Domainer Shrinkage: Is your universe collapsing?

A few months ago I implored Rick Schwartz to consider making TRAFFIC an invitation-only event, once again. That conversation generated quite a bit of feedback and obviously invited opinions for and against the argument. In today's blog post, Rick stated that his intention of getting domainers … [Read more...]

.CO campaign – It’s the typography, silly!

As a graphic designer and web developer, I'm well aware of the lack of aesthetics in the domain industry. Very rarely do I come across well-designed web sites that deliver and maintain the intended message and retain an identity across the board. In a world plagued by cheap labor and designers … [Read more...]

ZFBot did it! How I doubled my Sedo sale money with a simple email

Nobody likes competition. Especially the guy who receives an email that clearly states just that. A few weeks ago I received an offer at Sedo for a financial term, a dot net that I registered "by hand" in 2003. As the story goes, I hold domains until the Rapture occurs and since I am not a … [Read more...]