DNForum or NamePros? Tapping into memory lane

The owner of Bodis.com – the domain monetization company that acquired the domain forum NamePros – gave an excellent speech today; albeit in the form of a unity post.

It’s not a secret that both DNForum and NamePros each have their own “gang” of supporters, fans and sworn “servants”. It’s what makes cliques fun and what makes fans active contributors of any given forum.

I hopped onto DNForum in 2002, after its launch was announced on Web Hosting Talk – a technology forum I frequented at that time.

NamePros was launched in early 2003 by Ron James, a DNForum regular, after the DNForum moderators of that time attempted to launch a coup d’etat by buying DNForum from its founder, Dan – a 17 year old student at that time. The same moderators opted out, after a Texan domain investor, Greg Ricks, stepped in and snapped the domain from under their noses; the formation of DomainState became their lair.

For the record, at the same time I launched DomainGatornot to be confused with DNGator, the now sold domain news aggregator – which didn’t fare well for one reason: I tried to run the show all by myself.

When owning a large community forum, it’s prudent to delegate tasks by either hiring a crew or by giving incentives to volunteers. Power is one such incentive, and both DNForum and NamePros at some point fell victims to moderator power abuse. Usually, things work out when there is a change of guard or when problematic moderators are ‘fired’.

Many lessons were learned during that period 2002-2004, especially when Adam Dicker acquired DNForum, reputedly for $50,000. Ron James of NamePros held out for almost a decade, before selling NamePros to Bodis for a deal between $200k and $300k.

What matters today is that there are two very active domain name forums and the need for unity and co-operation is necessary, in order to maximize the benefits and the potential of its members. Both owners are smart, business-savvy individuals with long records of success. Both forums can continue to perform using their distinct personality and best elements by joining forces and forging alliances.

I’ve bought and sold some great domains on both forums and established some long-lasting business relationships during the past ten years that I frequent them. Both forums deserve the best; and why not, let’s make them three, given the fact that DomainState is part of the old school domain forum game.



  1. Thanks,Now i’m a member of domainstate.

  2. Namepros was actually started by 2 early dnforum members Topnames and Nameguy who sold it Ron James.

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