Does your domain broker know what you’re doing in private?

After reading the tweets of a domain broker and seeing that the domain was also listed on Sedo, I decided to run a little experiment.

The asking price for this generic domain, which forwards to a corporate, fully functional website, was in the low 200’s – as listed by the domain broker.

So I went ahead and made an offer – knowingly well below the domain’s worth – via Sedo.

The response came back with a counter-offer, and the number was in the low 300’s.

Which makes me wonder, does the owner co-ordinate at all with their broker?

If the asking price of a domain fluctuates this much, I wonder if the broker is aware of the owner’s willingness to sell the domain on their own, for substantially more.

Don’t ask me to reveal the domain; I think that neither the owner or their broker need the embarrassment!


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