Brokerage persistence : Why are domain BIN prices on ignore?

Happy New Year! For me, the new year began with plenty of domain offers and a solid mid four figure sale, via the Uniregistry Market. It's where I list my domain portfolio to invite inquiries. The negotiation was carried out through the Uni (former Uniregistry) checkout process. The "parking" … [Read more...]

Uniregistry : I’d rather have an aggressive broker, than a pushover

Recently, I read through a discussion thread over at NamePros, about how a - presumably - Uniregistry broker filtered the lowball offers of the person complaining. In a nutshell, the broker wasn't presenting the offers to the domain's owner, because they were too low. In doing so, the complainant … [Read more...]

Domain brokering: It’s a dog eat dog world

I've been following the proliferation of professional domain brokerage establishments for several years, and have arrived to the following conclusion: It's a cut-throat business, and a 'dog eat dog' world. During the previous decade, the focus shifted from domain selling venues, to aggressive … [Read more...]

Ethics & the domain industry

Every function of human interaction is governed by ethics - the quintessential, unwritten rules of behavior that define how humans formulate both personal and interpersonal relationships. Without ethics, it would be fine to steal. It would be acceptable to cheat. It would be perfectly normal to … [Read more...]

Does your domain broker know what you’re doing in private?

After reading the tweets of a domain broker and seeing that the domain was also listed on Sedo, I decided to run a little experiment. The asking price for this generic domain, which forwards to a corporate, fully functional website, was in the low 200's - as listed by the domain broker. So I … [Read more...]