Domain brands: Want a specific keyword in the new TLDs? Use the tiered landrush option to secure it

If you absolutely *must* have a particular keyword in the new TLDs, forget about waiting for general availability to kick in.

The second that the clock ticked 11:00am Eastern US time today, thousands of domain applications in seven gTLDs by Donuts, Inc. were sent off from various registrars to the Registry.

If you were amazed how fast certain keywords you were ‘spying’ on were gone, it’s because you stood no chance to register them manually. Pre-registration queues have been utilized by participating registrars, and once general availability began, these queues were submitted to the Registry.

The solution to this method is simple: spend more money, paying the extra fees for the early availability date during landrush; pricing is a factor so decide exactly how much you’re willing to spend.

Even waiting as late as the day before general availability won’t guarantee you the domain.

This method isn’t the best for your wallet, and I don’t particularly like it but it is what it is: Registries are in for the money, and you should be after domains that you have a concrete plan for.

Gone are the days of registering every keyword in the dictionary just because it’s available. This is a time for selective, strategic investments with a plan for development or a potential for high reselling.

I used the tiered landrush option successfully to secure a small number of domains that made sense as a combination of keyword + gTLD.

That’s the beauty of brands.


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