Domain inquiry : A buyer went for the gTLD, and I’m fine with that

I've been a keen supporter of the new gTLD system since its launch two years ago. It is the evolution of an Internet name space that was densely occupied by those that ventured into domain investing early on. While I still invest in and support the original TLD triad, .com, .net and .org, I … [Read more...]

How the use of a gTLD domain saved a marketing director money and frustration

This is a true story, but some names have been changed to protect upcoming marketing plans. ;) Lana's comment on a business forum was full of frustration, anger, disgust: "They stole my domain and for a year now I've been trying to prove it, to no avail. I would contact ICANN next but it'd take … [Read more...]

No .domains for me

Dot .domains enters general availability in two days. I have not registered any domains in that gTLD and won't be doing so. The reason is simple: unless your business name ends in "domains", or you are in the direct domain brokerage business, this particular gTLD is more of an "inner circle" … [Read more...]

Domain industry polarization over gTLD expansion

The polarization among domain investors on the subject of gTLDs is a fact that demands further analysis. The public display of such opposing sides started as a fun part of TRAFFIC last year, with Team Schwartz and Team Schilling debating the validity of the ICANN-mandated expansion. While that … [Read more...]

Dot .Sexy domains: What you need to know

The definition of "sexy" is more or less global: something or someone attractive, due to their looks, appearance or behavior. It's a term that's deep-rooted into the human psyche, and it just so happens to be a new gTLD from Frank Schilling's Uniregistry. I won't ponder why dot .Sexy was chosen - … [Read more...]