Domain inquiries: “I have cheaper alternatives”

Would you walk into a car dealership with a cocky attitude? Probably not.

In most cases, when someone wants to buy a car they take a look at the sticker price and state their intentions to the dealer. Negotiations are good to have, especially if you want to get low APR financing, or to take advantage of holiday-specific discounts.

If you were to walk into a car dealership saying, “I have cheaper alternatives,” you’ve lost the salesperson’s attention that very moment. Not only is the car market hot, both for used and new cars, but car availability is low.

In the same manner, reacting to the domain’s BIN price with the same response about having cheaper alternatives, has one effect: the seller of this domain asset no longer considers that offer as serious.

Personally, I point the finger back at the person making the offer, acknowledging their inability to afford the domain. If their budget is low, that’s not my concern or problem, and I welcome them to return in the future should they add more money to their bank account. I close it with a well-meant wish about their future endeavors.

If your potential buyer claims to have “cheaper alternatives” for domain assets that you’ve priced accurately, then those cheaper alternatives most likely lack quality. Point that out as well, and let them sizzle in their own heat.

Domain negotiations don’t end with the price tag but talking down a domain by means of comparison to something cheaper leads to a pullout by the seller. At least, that’s what I do.


  1. Anytime someone says “We have alternatives!” this definitely means they do not. 😀

  2. CJ – Indeed, it’s the most obvious take from such offers. But I prefer not to question their alternatives. Instead, if they come back, I no longer quote the same price. 🙂

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