Domain inquiries : Will dot .Blog will be the end of lowball offers?

As a domain investor with an aged portfolio of both generic and two word compound domains, I receive a fair share of inquiries that are lowballs.

These blatant attempts at getting a domain for an unrealistically low price are ignored, but still quite annoying.

A type of domain inquiry similar to the “poor student” variety, is that of the prospective blogger.

As much as I understand the use of a generic domain as a blog – perhaps in corporate hands – I think that general purpose bloggers should use two types of domains:

  • Their full name, with or without “blog” appended, or
  • A made up, long tail phrase that will make their blog unique

The recent announcement of WordPress creators, Automattic, that dot .Blog will be launched this year, is great news.

So hopefully, no more emails from lowballers arguing over the supposed use of premium domains as “blogs.” That won’t work anymore.

From then on, one’s response to these silly domain inquiries should be a direct point to Matt Mullenweg‎’s blog, perhaps via a jump through one’s affiliate link at Uniregistry.


  1. Leonard Britt says

    Recently I received an inbound inquiry for an aged two-word .COM. The potential buyer thought they could negotiate well below the mid-XXXX list price at Godaddy. I stood firm as I believe stronger players would price that name for five figures. I have never had a five-figure sale so I am hesitant to price names that high. Anyway, when the buyer thought they could get a deal I mentioned the same keyword in .XYZ was available for 99 cents. The XYZ domain remains unregistered.

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