Domain inquiries : Will dot .Blog will be the end of lowball offers?

As a domain investor with an aged portfolio of both generic and two word compound domains, I receive a fair share of inquiries that are lowballs. These blatant attempts at getting a domain for an unrealistically low price are ignored, but still quite annoying. A type of domain inquiry similar … [Read more...]

More money, more problems

The saying goes, the more money one has, the more problems they are facing. I am not exactly sure this is 100% accurate, however. An offer via Sedo for a generic I own, matched the usual lowball amount of $60. That would leave me with $10 after Sedo's 20% commission. :D No thanks. My … [Read more...]

The best part of Sedo offers is canceling them

As a domain investor, I'm looking into maximizing my ROI from domain sales. When that happens, it's because my asking price was met by the potential buyer. On Sedo, where anonymous offers can be considered 'safe' by those that place them, it's not always easy to come to an agreement. While … [Read more...]

Short and aged domains wanted – Budget $xx – $xxx

Very rarely - if ever - do I post twice on the same day. But a "domains wanted" thread over at DNForum made me scramble enough material for yet another domain-related rant. What the heck, it's also Friday. So when a buyer posts about their budget being in the "$xx - low $xxx" range, one would … [Read more...]

No money, no honey!

During the past two weeks I've had an onslaught of offers on Sedo. While some sales came to fruition after negotiation and/or public auction, the majority were of the same kind: lowball offers. I spoke to my account manager about possibly introducing a system where offer-makers are … [Read more...]