Domain intelligence : Missing info on Uniregistry Market a glitch or a feature?

Happy New Year.

We’re getting closer to NamesCon 2017; during the domain conference, Uniregistry will be announcing its Uniregistry Market app, and lots of new features for its existing web and app platforms.

It seems that DNS, the Domain Name Sales platform that served me and hundreds of domainers well since 2012, will be phased out later this year.

While it’s not yet known when that’ll happen, there is one feature of the DNS platform that I currently miss on the Uniregistry Market.

As one can see in the DNS inquiry below, there is a link to view “Possible Previous Inquiries.

Click to enlarge.

When one clicks on that link at DNS, the following window overlay appears, displaying inquiries that match that email address or IP address; the info displays inquiries across all domain portfolios:

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The same feature exists at the Uniregistry Market platform, but it does not reach beyond one’s own portfolio, it seems. So for the same inquiry-maker, I get zero results.

Unless I have uncovered some glitch that was removed from being a “feature” on the Uniregistry Market. I’ve been using this option to examine the activity of such offer-makers, which provides valuable insight.

In our example, the same email address contacted DNS/Uniregistry Market domain portfolio owners four times, and was ignored once, quoted (but not responded) once, and communicated further (but did not provide any further communication) another time.

The top “new” entry is for one of my domains.

Seeing this particular info, I decided to ignore the person making the inquiry, as it seems that they are not serious about closing deals, or establishing communication, when inquiring about domains at DNS/Uniregistry Market.

It’s a feature that I will miss when DNS closes down, unless it’s an omission or a glitch that will be resolved in a future release of the Uniregistry Market.

Update 1/4/2017 : Uniregistry confirmed that this was a DNS glitch that should not be there in the first place. It won’t be making it to the Uniregistry Market, either as a glitch, or as a “feature.”

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