Domain investors in Orlando and the Central Florida area

If you are a domain investor in the Orlando, or the greater Central Florida area, it’d be great to finally meet – offline.

Last October, I attended MERGE! 2017 here in Orlando, and in May it’ll be 10 years since TRAFFIC 2008 chose Orlando as its host city. Attending that event was eye-opening for me, and helped me appreciate the importance of such gatherings.

Outside of large conferences, however, the necessity for small, yet organized meet-ups provides its own distinct benefits.

Networking in this type of business is important, but face to face meet-ups can achieve a variety of goals:

  • Establish a direct business connection, in a world gone digital
  • Identify and process common goals
  • Exchange ideas about improving and expanding the domain industry
  • Define a local strategy as a more organized group of professionals

Looking forward to hearing from you:


  1. Im in! Just let me know time and place i attended my first ever Namescon this year and it was lifechanging.
    Jason Eisler
    AKA – The Domain Baron
    AKA –

  2. It will probably be several months still before we make it to Florida, however, I’ll definitely reach out once we know the exact dates we’ll be out your way. 😉

  3. As long as you move permanently to Central Florida, you’d be eligible.

  4. Located in Melbourne. Would love to meet up. Is there a time and place that you’re looking to organize a meet?

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