Domain negotiations with the Arab world

Arabic speakers account for more than 4% of the world, and almost 320 million people.

The Arab culture is a mosaic of local traditions, with a long history going back thousands of years, and the intermingling of religions.

Arabs are known for their ability to negotiate in commerce, and they anticipate negotiations to be part of the trading game.

Through the forging of business relationships and friendships, I’m familiar with the intricacies of the Arab business world – and I appreciate the way it often seals deals: with a handshake, coffee or tea, and a dessert.

During the course of almost two decades in domain investing, I’ve closed deals, both buying and selling domain names, with Arab entrepreneurs. These “domain flags” I planted, can be found in Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. I’ll add Iran to the group of such countries, although it’s not an Arab nation.

Arabs believe in destiny and the creation of gates to other lands, and to the future. It’s intriguing that two domain sales I closed this year with buyers in Arab countries both contain the word “gate.”

I rarely share my domain sales, unless I have an anecdote that goes with the numbers, and in this case I do.

In January, I sold via the Uniregistry BIN feature, for $4,200. The buyer is an Arab foundation that chose to forward the domain to My negotiations spanned both email and Uniregistry Market communication, and I held the domain for 11 years before selling it.

In August, I sold, again using the Uniregistry BIN feature, for $14,000. The buyer represents corporate interests in Saudi Arabia. I acquired the domain almost 12 years ago for just $350.

Doing business with domain investors and corporations worldwide is an extension of my personal interest in global relations, and I’m well-connected. Contact me via LinkedIn.


  1. Iranians are not Arabs, we are Persians.
    And we speak a different language (Farsi) not Arabic!

  2. Persian – Pardon my ignorance. No offense to your culture, as I speak neither Farsi or Arabic! Iranians and Arabs speak English fluently.

  3. Congratulations! And you are right we like to negotiate lol. It is part of the business.

  4. I don’t follow — they used the BIN feature in both instances but you also negotiated?

    PS — nice to see you post some of your sales!

  5. Logan – Thanks. After negotiations and upon agreement they were given the BIN link. Typically, I don’t do that unless it goes to

    I do share domain sales – months or years after they completed. 🙂

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