Domain offers : The “school project” commentary is getting old

Plenty of domain inquiries that arrive at the Uniregistry Market come from sketchy accounts.

Some use proxies, incomplete or made-up names, or other bogus contact information. Those, are easy to ignore quickly, without spending as much as a second on them.

Then, there are the student inquiries, that sometimes create believable profiles, or real students that are used as proxy buyers for bigger fish.

The “school project” offers are tiring to read after a while. A typical email goes like this:

“Hi, I like this domain. It’s for a school project, and I offer $5 for it. Thanks.”

One such fun email arrived yesterday, and it’d be yet another case to immediately delete and forget about, hadn’t it been sent on Martin Luther King Jr. day.

The email mentioned the “school project” line and offered ten bucks for a generic, aged .com – and did so on a day that schools in the US are closed.

I don’t know about you, but during my school years, having the day off outside of the weekend meant not giving a flying fuck about school projects.

I’d be outside, riding my bike, hanging out with my buddies, getting into all sorts of trouble – but school projects and homework in general would be done at 9:00pm that night, shortly before bed time.

I told my “buyer” to go do the same, ride his bike, and I didn’t hear back.

Maybe he did take my advice, after all.


  1. I’m an MBA grad student currently taking a marketing course and because of that, I’m learning more about the importance of branding. With that being mentioned, I offer you $10 for the same name (or any other aged 1 word or 2 word ultra-generic premium). 😉

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