Domain offers : The “school project” commentary is getting old

Plenty of domain inquiries that arrive at the Uniregistry Market come from sketchy accounts. Some use proxies, incomplete or made-up names, or other bogus contact information. Those, are easy to ignore quickly, without spending as much as a second on them. Then, there are the student … [Read more...]

Most end user buyers have no clue what an “aftermarket domain” is

If I could have a dollar for every email I sent, educating prospective buyers about aftermarket domains, I'd be at least one thousand bucks richer. The fact is, end user buyers - as opposed to domain investors - are for the most part unfamiliar with the value and pricing of domain names. This … [Read more...]

How I turned a false spam email into a $7500 sale

As promised yesterday, today's 'big news' is that I turned an email inquiry - mislabeled as 'spam' - into a sizable sale. I don't park all of my domains; some of the better ones I build into temporary placeholders, with a designed logo and an email address to be contacted at. Some of them are … [Read more...]

The Religious buyer: Missed that domain type, Shane

A few days ago, Shane posted a list of "buyer types" that irritate domain investors, which can be classified into one of the following five categories, based on their claims and behavior: Poor students Generous husbands Angry men Spammers Lowballers Today, I discovered a new … [Read more...]