Domain price quote is good for today only

Domain inquiries can lead to an exchange that indicates strong interest by the buyer.

When strong interest is present, what’s missing from the exchange is an agreement on the framework of the sale.

That can be the price, or the promptness of the payment itself. The latter is as important as the amount involved; after all, a promise on a domain sale is not as good as money in the bank.

In cases where negotiations head in a good direction, lowering the asking price should arrive with a strict prompt to close on the sale imminently.

For example, leveraging the buyer’s interest can be achieved with a “today only” price, offering a strong motivation to the buyer.

When stating that the domain price quote is good for that day only, one has to ensure that it’s understood as an agreement offer to close on the sale – not as a threat.

Regardless, that offering of a lower price in exchange for a prompt sale must deliver what it promises: if no agreement is reached within the quoted time frame, then the offer becomes null and void.

In a recent sale via the Uniregistry Market, the buyer took my counter-offer that was given along with a “today only” clause. They were smart to take it, as I often shut down all negotiations, and jack up the asking price for all future inquiries made by the same person or company.

By restricting your offer to a specific time frame that can be as short as one day, you can close sales faster, as the cost is lowered – a positive incentive for the domain buyer.

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