Domaining 2015: It’s on, like NamesCon

After attending three TRAFFIC conferences (2008, 2010, 2012), one SedoPRO (2010) and NamesCon (2014) I’m looking forward to next week’s Vegas gathering of domain industry professionals.

NamesCon last year delivered its promise of networking those engaged with the domain community, and sparking the fire for bigger and better things.

For years, domainers accepted a lesser role in the tech industry, aspiring to get out of the small village mentality that even today some prefer to retain.

My review of NamesCon 2014, while short and to the point, was written at the Vegas airport.

The interview with Bing SEO maestro, Duane Forrester, was a heartfelt approach to how the tech industry’s big boys view domain investing and development. Lastly, those that I met at the NamesCon 2014 conference were truly exceptional people, and I have the signatures to prove it.

Industry events are important, as they solidify the engagement of professionals in any field.

Coming from a telco and ISP background, I lived and breathed industry events since the very early 90’s, and I’m always looking forward to listen to new ideas, provide expert feedback and to engage with professionals with vision.

NamesCon 2015 will be big, for several reasons:

  • Last year’s event occurred before the domain industry was introduced to the gTLDs, opening up new business opportunities and end-user adoption of the new top level domains.
  • In 2014, the event was prepared in under 90 days, all thanks to Richard Lau and his competent team. This time, they had a full year to prepare something truly spectacular.
  • NamesCon has acquired DomainFest, and there is a convergence of conferences that will prove the power of joint effort.
  • The NamesCon people, those that are widely known and those that work behind the scenes, are truly psyched up for the event. They will make NamesCon 2015 the best domain conference in recent memory, delivering substance and the opportunity for several hundred people to leave their footprint and benefit from attending.
  • It’s Vegas, baby.

As a producer of online content, graphic designer and web developer, I’m looking forward to meeting you at NamesCon 2015 to discuss our vision for the future – and to make things happen.

See you in Vegas.

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