Do we need yet another Domain Conference?

Howard Neu announced THE Domain Conference yesterday, to be held during September 26-29 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Those of us that know Howard for quite some time now, take this announcement as a serious move in the domain conference market; as a co-founder of TRAFFIC along with Rick Schwartz, … [Read more...]

Domaining 2015: It’s on, like NamesCon

After attending three TRAFFIC conferences (2008, 2010, 2012), one SedoPRO (2010) and NamesCon (2014) I'm looking forward to next week's Vegas gathering of domain industry professionals. NamesCon last year delivered its promise of networking those engaged with the domain community, and sparking … [Read more...]

Is there room for 3 domain conferences and 3 licensed escrow companies?

In a recent post about change, I mentioned that it is inevitable and basically unstoppable. The domain industry cannot be an exception, and today's core elements are very different from a decade or even five years ago. Change indicates evolution, either through the adoption of new strategies, … [Read more...]

Time for TRAFFIC to be by invitation only, once again

When Rick Schwartz writes a blog post it's usually some time in the early morning. His unique, direct style is what makes the readers of his blog going back for more. At Rick's blog there's a lot of motivational information, dished with what I'd like to call 'domainer tough love'. Not everyone … [Read more...]

Changing the Domaining Paradigm – Time for a Revolution

Can you feel the electricity in the air? There's a revolution brewing. It's the lingering smell of ozone, right before a powerful storm erupts. It's about time to bring the end-users to the domain conferences. It's about time to change the rules of the game by altering the long-standing … [Read more...]