Domains and : It’s been 14 years already!

This weekend marks the 14th anniversary of my first encounter with domain escrow services provider,

The sale was that of the domain, a hand registration that I sold for low $xxx; before that, using PayPal or wire/check/CC payments were the primary methods.

Its buyer, German composer Georg Hajdu, still uses the domain as a forwarder to a much longer, dashed .de. 😀

It’s interesting to point out that in my communications with the buyer, he appeared not to be familiar with the concept of having to renew domains perpetually, and I explained to him how domain registrations work.

The use of as the handler of funds made the process easy even for a novice at the time. would also attach its terms and conditions in every intro email!

In the 14 years since, has been one of my top choices for engaging in domain acquisitions and sales. It represents an indispensable funds processor for the expanded domain investor community, and a secure, swift method for engaging in domain transactions.

Looking forward to many more years to come.


  1. There are a few institutions, like, without which the domain industry would scarcely be an industry at all.

    14 years from now, hopefully we’ll have a few more.

  2. Joseph – Agreed, it’s difficult to predict how things would have been without a solid, reputable domain exchange tool as provided by

  3. Escrow,com was great until bought it.
    All the great customer service is gone.
    Twitter account is silent for months, Jackson doesn’t reply to emails, the phone and chat support just repeated their scripts like robots.
    And the website is never updated with all the new policies.
    It’s one shock after another dealing with
    I can’t abide a company that springs new policies on customers but refuses to publish them on the website.
    Mark my words, when a couple draconian new policies are made public, buyers and sellers will not be interested in using
    I am running, not walking over to Brandon Abbey’s armour payment venture.

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