Don’t wait for a Pending Comment at Sedo

When an offer comes through at Sedo with a comment that wasn’t populated from the drop down menu, that comment is held for review by Sedo staff.

There are two ways to deal with such comments, and my response depends on the offer itself.

In the past, I explained why listing my domains with a fixed price on Sedo or other venues does not work for me.

If an offer with a custom comment is detrimental to the domain negotiation game, I usually call Sedo for them to review and potentially release the comment, in order for me to see what the buyer is attempting to convey.

Usually, Sedo does that within minutes and the process has helped me speed up the negotiation process. The method works in a similar fashion if I wanted one of my own custom responses to be relayed to the buyer without much of a full day’s delay.

Now, if the offer that comes with a pending comment is not of interest, I never wait for the comment to be released, but I simply cancel the negotiation on the spot. I don’t have time to waste and this way the lowballing buyer thinks twice before making an offer again in the future.



  1. I think Sedopro memebers with a 5/5 star rating, should have comment moderation waived, if any abuse is found, then it should default back to review, end users sometimes do not like to wait 2 days for a comment review.

    Most low ballers come back with justify your price

  2. hey Ron – I agree, although the measure is in place mostly to prevent the seller from starting off a direct communication with the potential buyer, thus cutting Sedo out of the deal 🙂

  3. You are really lucky. You have a somebody to call. But the most of domainers need to wait because they don’t have a broker/contact in Sedo.

  4. Fran – While I do have an account manager at Sedo, the method I described works with merely calling and requesting to talk to customer service. Being polite helps 😀

  5. Great article 🙂 Thanks Theo

  6. I called just one time to Sedo Boston. When I called they don’t have a call center. Maybe now it is different. For spanish accounts we just have one person in charge. If you are lucy an email answer delay around 7 days, sometimes never get an answer.

    Thanks anyway. Good article. 😉

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