Dot .Sexy domains: What you need to know

The definition of “sexy” is more or less global: something or someone attractive, due to their looks, appearance or behavior. It’s a term that’s deep-rooted into the human psyche, and it just so happens to be a new gTLD from Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry.

I won’t ponder why dot .Sexy was chosen – along with dot .Tattoo – as the launching pair; the strategy behind such gTLD premieres resides with each Registry.

There are rules, however, to this particular gTLD, which can range in registrations from the innocent or absurd, to explicitly hard core.

The basic rule to remember: you cannot display hardcore pornography on the landing (home) page of a dot .Sexy domain name. You can display sensual, erotic or other types of adult content that do not fall into the hardcore porn category.

If you plan to utilize your dot .Sexy domain as a pornographic web site, then you are required by Uniregistry to provide a landing page, warning others about the content of the web site.

There are no other restrictions, and I’m certain that while some will see dot .Sexy as a rather innocent outlet of appealing content, some will treat it as a cheaper, better version of .XXX.

Personally, I’ve no interest in the latter, and my entire dot .Sexy portfolio – fewer than 10 domains – is related to the definition of sexy, as described  in my opening paragraph.

Either way, welcome to the new era of brands and gTLDs.


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    At first, I thought, “Oh, no. Here we go again.”

    But as I thought about it more, I have come to realize what a fun and flirty word “sexy” can be — how universal the term is worldwide.

    I am so glad that landing pages have to be free of porn; Frank was very smart in implementing this restriction. Most hard porners will remain on .xxx.

    I have two, HeyYou.Sexy and Dear.Sexy (perhaps a book about a lovelorn columnist giving advice to fictional and historical characters).

    I believe that .tattoo will appeal to a small but avid end user and may develop a cult following.

    Not my favorite, though.

    But, then, I am not the targeted audience.



  2. Ms Domainer – Universal is a great keyword reference; every language in the world uses “sexy” untranslated. Therefore, it has many uses, beyond the simplistic reference to something attractive.

    As with every gTLD, invest wisely. Uniregistry is bringing out many more gTLDs, each with a specific or broad audience in mind.

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