vs. Sedo : A domain escrow timeline

For the past 14 years, I’ve been using to safely transact in domain name investing.

Acquiring and selling domains requires a trusted medium, and I’ve raved about the services of

While is a sponsor of many domain industry publications, including one of my own, I remain unbiased and accurate in my assessments and reviews, as any satisfied consumer would do.

The latest fun story unfolded just a few days ago, when a domain I sold via was also sold in its matching .ORG by someone else, via Sedo.

I can now confirm that the .ORG and my .COM went to the same buyer, who agreed to my asking price after I uncovered that very fact and remained firm about it.

From my research, Sedo took a total of three days for the domain to change hands and I’m not sure if the seller has been paid yet or not.

Meanwhile, my transaction, including an inspection timeframe of one day, took two days to complete; on the 3rd day, the payment wire was already in my bank account. has received a lot of constructive feedback in recent weeks, regarding its “growing pains.”

After its acquisition by Australia based, indeed faced slow downs in its processes, as it expanded on its services. The company’s headquarters were also moved to San Francisco, away from the iconic Rancho Santa Margarita address.

Both Sedo and are capable of securely delivering a domain in exchange for funds.

Naturally, Sedo gets to keep 15% as a broker, whereas handles the funds without any commission beyond that agreed upon between seller and buyer. In other words, I can take home the exact net I asked for, with the buyer funding the Escrow fees.

Time-wise, I find both systems to deliver almost equal swiftness, with the added bonus for of fast banking functions that are now performed from a large metropolis in California.

The final choice of domain escrow, as with everything else in life, is yours.

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