First look at the new has relaunched its web site, under the Directnic group of brands.

The newly redesigned web site introduces an established domain industry brand, using a modern design approach.

What has changed?

For starters, it’s mobile-friendly, which is great in this time and era. Whether you’re on a laptop/desktop, or a mobile device, will function as expected, without the struggle to zoom into minuscule text.

Second, everything is much better organized, and the option menus contain non-excessive information, unlike the previous design that had a myriad options one had to wade through, some of which were very cryptic.

From a user experience standpoint, it beats that of major domain registrars like GoDaddy and eNom, hands down.

The use of icon graphics to indicate particular statuses or functions is visually pleasing and offers accurate functionality. There is room for improvements, however, and I’d like to see some additional color contrast for certain switches.

Despite participating in the beta testing for the past few days and providing extensive feedback, glitches do exist, currently.

If you can’t log into your account due to an authentication setting, you need to contact support, via their phone line or the chat; they will issue a temporary two factor authentication token. After that, you will have to remove the existing method, and add it afresh. Things should work fine after that.

I did come across an issue with domain auth codes, when transferring a domain out – they are not correct. By contacting support, you will obtain a new code. The programmers should be fixing this issue as we speak, as it’s an important function of a domain registrar to allow transfers out, as much as inbound ones.

The team behind is definitely working hard to squash the bugs and fix the glitches.

As a long-term user of, I’m glad that it involves Mike Robertson as well, who has been with the previous incarnation of the company, and who’s deeply committed to supporting the Fabulous brand.


  1. Domains with privacy on uniregistry 8 bucks and change. How do you beat that with the best management system in town. If they can’t even get auth codes correct it will be hard for them to make it. I like to support fellow domainers and not big corps like GD etc. Good luck to these guys because unless they charge 6 bucks with privacy then what could they possibly offer. Just saying!! I mean if it takes you a day to transfer over all your names and you pay yourself 500 a day is it worth your time?

  2. Ronald – The old Fabulous system was archaic and no transition is flawless. Cut these guys some slack. I use both Uniregistry and Fabulous, and my last 2 domains at GD are out as soon as that arbitrary 60 day lockdown is over.

    You can’t charge $6 “with privacy” for .com, the base price is $7.85 for Verisign, PLUS $0.18 for ICANN.

    There’s plenty of room for competition in the registrar business, and I don’t consider transitional glitches to be critical.

  3. Unireg does not have a proper domain and traffic manager and their UX is not user-friendly. Time will tell if new Fabulous works better than old Fabulous.

  4. i think uniregisty’s domain control panel is very good. i can’t think of a better one really.

  5. So that we’re on the same page, this isn’t a review of Uniregistry or others. 😉

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