Five figure domain sale : Using the Uniregistry secure checkout process

Since 2012, I’ve been using Uniregistry contact landers to promote the availability of my domain portfolio.

The contact forms have changed over the years, and the Domain Name Sales system has become the Uniregistry Market.

Although I self-broker my domains, I do assign domains selectively to the very capable Uniregistry brokers, with great results.

The majority of my domain transactions go through, an industry standard, but for the first time I used the Uniregistry secure checkout process.

A domain inquiry via the Uniregistry brokerage system resulted in a five figure sale, after the Uniregistry broker requested my price quote.

Being cheeky, I quoted three prices: one for same day closing, one for the following day, and one for the next time the buyer inquired.

After a few hours, the Uniregistry broker came back with an offer from the buyer, that to my surprise matched the “next day” price quote.

Uniregistry keeps 15% from such deals, and the end result was netting a bit more than my same day price quote.

As the domain was already with Uniregistry, I decided to test out their secure checkout process.

In a nutshell, I initiated that option with the broker, and was instructed to wait until the buyer had confirmed their email and had sent the funds. Payment was made the following day, and it was $20 dollars short, most likely due to the bank wire fee that they incurred.

At that point, there are two options: ask Uniregistry to seek full payment from the buyer, or to accept partial payment.

For $20 dollars less, I decided to get the big chunk in my account, and accepted the payment as complete.

The domain was then transferred out of my account “instantly,” and my Uniregistry balance was credited with the funds at the same time.

Uniregistry Market pays out at the beginning of the week, and sure enough, the funds were in my bank account on Tuesday.

The process appeared to be extremely painless, quick and efficient. I am happy with the sale, and the interaction that the Uniregistry broker had with both parties; ergo, two happy customers.

Not bad for a 4000% ROI.


  1. Taking a wild guess here – the domain originally cost you $275? Congrats on your sale.
    We’re currently testing with adding 7,000 of our own domains to the Uni Market with BIN prices.

  2. Luc – Thanks, I rounded the ROI down 😉 But you’re not too far.

    BIN pricing at the Uniregistry Market works well, as long as you’ve determined that there is no immediate revaluation of these domains due to emerging markets, news etc.

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