Five figure domain sale : Using the Uniregistry secure checkout process

Since 2012, I've been using Uniregistry contact landers to promote the availability of my domain portfolio. The contact forms have changed over the years, and the Domain Name Sales system has become the Uniregistry Market. Although I self-broker my domains, I do assign domains selectively to … [Read more...]

NameJet works great as a domain selling venue

I've recently listed and sold a small group of quality domain names on NameJet, utilizing their public auction venue. I'm very happy with the results, and for having the ability to follow the ongoing auction live, through the NameJet system. It can be entertaining as well. :D The way it works: … [Read more...]

Domain auctions : Prompt support from NameJet

I've been a member of NameJet since 2007, having spent a pretty dollar acquiring premium domains in the secondary market. My primary focus has been that of aged, .com domains that are dictionary words, two word composites and brandables. I don't discount .net and .org domains, they hold their … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : The year after year repeaters

I have no problem with receiving domain inquiries that do not immediately convert into a sale. An exchange that did not lead to a sale, provides useful metrics about a particular domain, and helps me understand the other party's intentions better. Some inquiries fail due to a budgetary … [Read more...]

Trader feedback : Important feature of domain marketplaces

One thing I miss from the days of using Sedo to sell domains, is their trader feedback indicators. While not perfect, the Sedo method of displaying a potential buyer's activity status helped a lot with determining their "worthiness." To a degree, the Sedo system makes up for the lack of … [Read more...]