Five years at Uniregistry : “Dick move” examples when negotiating on a domain

Since November 2012, I’ve been using the Uniregistry Market to monetize and sell my domain portfolio. When I joined the parking and selling platform, it was called Domain Name Sales.

Whether I sell directly, or opt to utilize the capable brokers at Uniregistry, depends on several parameters.

Over the course of these past 5 years, I’ve come across some “dick moves” that buyers engage into, when negotiating on the domain.

I’m certain, that other domain investors are facing similar challenges, that range from lowball offers to being threatened and beyond.

Here are some of these negative experiences that I’ve come across during the past 5 years, all thanks to how some people choose to operate.

The passive-agressive buyer:

It all starts with an inquiry seeking a price quote. It quickly escalates into an assault on domain investors, using epithets such as “cybersquatters” and other displays of factual ignorance. Sometimes it involves threats about imaginary trademarks. Best way to deal with these bozos: ignore, and block.

The no budget buyer:

Lame attempts at creating a “woe is me” sentiment. While these queries can some times be attempts by proxy buyers on behalf of large companies, it’s best to firmly shut the door in their face, letting them come back with a real offer. Wasting one’s time with tire-kickers is counter-productive.

The fake offer maker:

I’ve had this happen quite a few times; the buyer places an offer that meets the minimum asking price, then comes back stating that they did so to establish contact, offering substantially less. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

The negotiations breaker:

This is rare, but it happens; a price is agreed upon, and the buyer then renegs on the deal, stating that they bought another domain, and that they’ll come back in the future. Don’t waste your time, block them.

Overall, it’s been a great 5 years at Uniregistry, despite those few types of “bad apples.”

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