Frank Schilling on gTLDs: Greed will trump fear

I read several industry blogs daily and from each one I attempt to extract key points that they make though their posts and comments.

DotWhatever is a new online publication that arrived to fill the current gTLD void, covering the new era in the domain namespace that has irreversibly arrived.

In an extensive interview with Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon, the DotWhatever editors did a great job picking the mind of an established domain investor, who has maintained a low profile about his personal achievements.

Polarization in the domain industry is already generating a lot of arguments back and forth, which is always energizing. Without regeneration, the domain market – much like any species – is bound to degenerate and perish.

Frank Schilling responded with a comment at that same interview, stating in part:

“This is about the kids who have nothing today, your children and future registrants. Ultimately I think greed will trump fear. “

What Frank is saying, is what many domain investors are afraid to admit: that if profit is involved, they would never give this widening of the Internet lanes a second thought, before diving headfirst in.

However, when greed is expected to arrive with a requirement for a warranty, the window of opportunity is lost.

In business – as much as in life – there is no warranty about success; that’s why people devise strategies and business plans, in order to lay out their initial front of attack and how obstacles get tackled. Good strategies also require an exit plan.

So there you have it, from the digital mouth of a prolific domain investor and businessman, who spent countless hours building his future: greed will trump fear.

You can be greedy, as long as it comes with a plan to succeed.


  1. Leonard Britt says

    In 1977 the president of Digital Equipment (Ken Olsen) stated that there is no reason why anyone would ever want a computer in their home. Changes in technology and consumer tastes can surprise those who are inflexible. Regardless, one should not underestimate risk.

  2. The little guy is struggling to survive, domain pros are a tiny %, the dream will be parked, The kids will not renew, players will step up, and I now have to look at the mobile app to find my way home.

  3. Thanks for the mention Theo. Frank is confident even if it takes a little time that these new tlds will find buyers. I think with so many coming out and then newer ones down the road, that its going to be interesting if new gtlds become like fashion trends. The extensions that are more novelty type might get registrants jumping in and then a year later at renewal time they may see a new one come to market they like better and switch hats. The business oriented extensions that gain some decent adoption will have better renewal rates imo.

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