Friday funnies: It’s all about the conference food!

TGIF! Here we go with the 2nd cartoonized photo in the “Friday Funnies” series. This time, it’s about food at domain conferences. For the price of the ticket, it’d better be good! And it is – no complaints. But some vendors or attendants should watch their diet – or poke a couple of extra notches to their belts!


Original image from DNJournal.


  1. This is making me hungry

  2. No kidding 😀 The New Orleans conference apparently offered some insane amounts of seafood. It’d make Bubba Gump proud.

  3. 600lbs of craw fish. I had 200lbs myself!

  4. Sevan, TGIF! 😀

  5. I can’t eat craw fish. They look like little cockroaches to me. But bring on the shrimp!

  6. It’s all in the mind, Tia 😀 And I agree on the shrimp.

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