and the mechanics of PPC

When I met the crew during TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, I had the opportunity to engage with some of the best people in the domain monetization business. It was clear that Parked rocked during those times and the company did remarkably well; the people that worked for Parked were top notch … [Read more...]

I love you, Parked, but I just have to go

Let me start by stating the guys are stellar and that their platform, including the customizable templates are superb. It's just that their advertising channels suck right now and I'm not willing to stick it out until the situation improves. It all started with the notorious rating … [Read more...]

Friday funnies: It’s all about the conference food!

TGIF! Here we go with the 2nd cartoonized photo in the "Friday Funnies" series. This time, it's about food at domain conferences. For the price of the ticket, it'd better be good! And it is - no complaints. But some vendors or attendants should watch their diet - or poke a couple of extra notches to … [Read more...]