GoDaddy continues to pester domain owners with “offers” that ignore the BIN

I wrote about this issue before, and it’s obvious that GoDaddy and its team of brokers don’t really care. At the very least, middle management at GoDaddy is not doing anything to address this issue, which they promote as a “Domain buy” service.

GoDaddy’s aggressive approach to relaying offers and collecting a fee without discrimination, is akin to spamming.

When a domain is clearly parked with a lander and a price at a competing venue, such as the Uni Market, ignoring that lander’s figures and collecting an upfront fee to contact the domain owner is a waste of money.

It’s also annoying for the owner of the domain name.

GoDaddy brokers spam domain owners with invisible offers, seeking a click in order to collect data on the registrant, that typically has their information hidden, either by choice, or thanks to new WHOIS rules due to the implementation of the GDPR.

The $69 dollar fee that someone pays to GoDaddy in order to initiate an acquisition process by making an offer, is clearly wasted. GoDaddy brokers ignore the BIN price, and I wonder if it’s done intentionally or due to incompetence.

Either way, I do not recommend responding to such offers arriving from – I treat them like spam.



  1. Uknowledge says

    Its pure deceit if they dont return the money or can deliver on their so called promise to get the name.Best thing is to ignore and i wonder what they tell the buyer ?

    That their Offer is too low when they know they can never get a name for a lowball price and they expect a reply which they forward to buyer to increase and when he doesnt,they pocket the $69..Just gonna ignore

  2. Uknowledge – I don’t know what they communicate to the buyer, but at the VERY LEAST the GoDaddy broker should visit the domain, where they will see the BIN, or minimum offer numbers. These numbers are constantly ignored, hence not only they annoy the domain owner, they do their buyer a disservice.

  3. Joe Styler says

    I don’t suggest you ignore them as some of our biggest sales and most motivated buyers come through Domain Broker Service. That is up to you though. I think I said this last time but a lot of people only want to work with us and will not pursue the domain outside of using us for various reasons. As an example I had a buyer who wanted a 2 word dot com and they had a big budget, the seller had the name listed elsewhere and would not engage for a long time with us. The buyer refused to contact them outside of us. Long story short they finally responded with a mid 5 figure offer this week and we would have pulled the trigger on that name then. Since they didn’t engage the buyer went with another domain option with us and said they are no longer interested in the other name. I can give you tons of real life examples like that. Many buyers do not want to go outside our services and would rather leave without the domain.

    If you still do not want to deal with any offers all you have to do is reply to an email and say you don’t want to be contacted anymore and they put you on a list to not contact you. Now if you are using privacy or a different email on your whois for your domains then it can get tricky because we don’t know you are the same person who asked to not be contacted. If we can tell you are the same person who asked not to be contacted we will not email you.

  4. Thru this domain but service, one of their brokers told the inquiring party this person warehouses domains, and that caused a huge change in leverage. I would advise godaddy brokers to provide zilch info in regards to parties, and focus on domain, and price. No free information for either side, this is the price, either you pay, or counter, no need to swap info.

  5. Joe – Starting with the last part:

    “Now if you are using privacy or a different email on your whois for your domains then it can get tricky because we don’t know you are the same person who asked to not be contacted.”

    My point exactly. This is not an opt out service, it should be opt in only. I have no desire to disclose the private information or the domains in question. Assuming your brokers are trained professionals, all they have to do is visit the domain and see what comes up on their screen.

    Also, I don’t think that an anecdote regarding a buyer who refuses to use the contact means provided by the domain owner, then pulls out a five figure offer represents the case here. If that domain was sold, there are hundreds that didn’t, thanks to this exact method of engagement that Domain Buy utilizes.

    It’s a simple solution, really, so train your brokers!

  6. Trevor – I am aware of this damaging approach, also caused by independent brokers without an authorization to sell.

    You have zero control over an unauthorized party that steps in to negotiate on your asset!

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