Greece: The first 200 years are the toughest ones

Greece celebrated its bicentennial today, commemorating 200 years since the war of independence began in 1821. As a Greek, I’m proud of my heritage and despite the physical distance I’m well aware of what March 25, 1821 signifies for all Greeks around the world.

A nation that was placed under four centuries of Ottoman oppression managed to start a spark that became a fire, leading to the liberation of lands and people. But it wasn’t until more than a century later that Greece would become the version one sees on the map today.

My dad used to joke about how “the first 100 years are the toughest ones” in a person’s life, as if everyone has the luxury to live a century in order to reap the benefits of their effort afterwards. Shaping a nation takes longer, especially when heritage, history, culture, and ideals are forced down but never extinguished.

So here’s to the future, Greece, your first 200 years were the toughest ones.


  1. Happy 200th Greece, and best wishes for the next 200!

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