Greece: The first 200 years are the toughest ones

Greece celebrated its bicentennial today, commemorating 200 years since the war of independence began in 1821. As a Greek, I'm proud of my heritage and despite the physical distance I'm well aware of what March 25, 1821 signifies for all Greeks around the world. A nation that was placed under … [Read more...]

Greek Elections: I Cannot Vote .org

Greece is having crucial national elections today, the results of which some say might shock the European Union's economy, once again. In Greece, where democracy was established two and a half millennia ago, the right to vote has been both a privilege and an obligation, reserved for the Greek … [Read more...]

Greekfest in Orlando: When to say “Opa!”

It's refreshing to see that Greek Orthodoxy in America is going strong; with 6 million Orthodox Christians in the US, young and old Americans of Greek heritage support their community through their local churches. In Orlando, the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church of greater Orlando offers a … [Read more...]

It’s all Greek to me: Companies that should never do business in Greece

English is the number one language used in International commerce, regardless of the actual number of native speakers: The number of Chinese Mandarin speakers surpasses that of native speakers of English around the world - a staggering 845 million versus 345 million for English. Several dozen … [Read more...]

The Parthenon is not for sale –

Since January, a game of massive proportions has been launched against the euro and the European economy, by American banks - led by Goldman Sachs. The very bank that is currently under scrutiny at the US Senate, has been known for years to play dirty games not just against institutions but also … [Read more...]