Greek domainers : It’s time for Vegas and NamesCon 2017

It’s been almost a full year since the last NamesCon conference took place, and if you thought that it was a huge event, just wait until NamesCon 2017 kicks off in two weeks.

Las Vegas is the stomping grounds of the biggest domain conference of the year; and what a year this has been!

In August, Web Hosting Days acquired NamesCon, with founder Richard Lau remaining at the helm as a very capable organizer. In December, GoDaddy acquired Hosting Europe, the mother company of Web Hosting Days, thus taking over NamesCon.

Perhaps, the GoDaddy presence at NamesCon last year delivered a few hints about their eventual intentions, or maybe it was just a matter of random, celestial events.

During NamesCon 2016, NamePros emerged as a very organized producer of video content, and I was given the opportunity to be interviewed alongside my Greek domainer brother, Konstantinos Zournas of Online Domain.

We had a few glasses of wine, and were interviewed by Angela St. Julien of Brand.Bar, whom I had interviewed on DomainGang the year prior. She is a smart domain investor and made things really easy for us, by asking questions that we could actually talk about!

Under the watchful eye of Edward Zeiden, Senior Director of NamePros, the interview was a fun opportunity to talk about our vantage point regarding the domain industry, and how we approach domain investing. The edited result was much shorter than the full video shoot, during which Edward’s wine glass accidentally broke, and lots of laughter ensued.

This year, I’m looking forward to meeting many more great people from the domain industry and other branding, development and marketing professionals that I can exchange ideas and collaborate with.

NamesCon has become the quintessential event of the year, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to establish great connections in this industry.

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