NamesCon 2017 interview : Behind the scenes photos

The NamePros folks did a great job interviewing Konstantinos and I, during NamesCon 2017. A full year passed by, and although I will miss this year's event, Konstantinos is attending, so make sure you meet and greet him at NamesCon 2018, that starts today. A bit of caution: he's a pool … [Read more...]

Theo Develegas & Konstantinos Zournas : Our NamesCon 2017 interview by NamePros

I had the honor to be interviewed along with my good friend, Konstantinos Zournas, during NamesCon 2017. NamePros did an excellent job producing and editing a 35 minute video, down from more than an hour-long interview. Kevin Fink did a great job asking questions, the most important part of an … [Read more...]

Ten things I brought home from NamesCon 2017

Late last year, I was not sure if I'd be attending NamesCon 2017, but I'm glad I did. As we grow older, family obligations that were a cinch back in the day, become more complex to resolve; we put in more effort to take care of issues that arise, and it takes more time to do so. But that's … [Read more...]

Quick survival guide for NamesCon 2017

When Richard Lau launched NamesCon in late 2013, it arrived at the right time. The January 2014 domain conference proved to be a catalyst for the domain industry, and while perfection was not immediately attained, it has been consistently improving its numbers ever since. Before NamesCon 2014, … [Read more...]

Greek domainers : It’s time for Vegas and NamesCon 2017

It's been almost a full year since the last NamesCon conference took place, and if you thought that it was a huge event, just wait until NamesCon 2017 kicks off in two weeks. Las Vegas is the stomping grounds of the biggest domain conference of the year; and what a year this has been! In … [Read more...]