ICANN give, because I care

Donating to the needy is something that is built within one’s psyche. In an era that compresses human emotions into Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter #hashtags, the proverbial heart does the real work.

This planet is occupied by more than 7 billion humans, many of which face famine or devastation. Selecting where to donate is not an easy task.

I’ve found a simple solution to that, which works for me.

Every time that I receive money, I give to those in need. The amount isn’t the significant part, it’s the act of passing on a comforting portion of the wealth that matters.

ICANN is in a position to become a major distributor of wealth to the impoverished and the needy.

We aren’t talking about turning a bureaucratic paradigm into the new Red Cross; we are talking about channeling a seemingly insignificant portion of the proceeds from every transaction to a fund that makes instant use of it.

The concept of ant-like contributions can be exemplified with the proliferation of crowdfunding, including web sites that manage contributions for humanitarian purposes. Numerous small contributions, without discounting the large ones of course, can become instant waves of relief for those in need due to unfortunate circumstances.

If ICANN delivered a clear model of such a global care-giver, it’d be a paradigm of how technocrats can become influential humanitarians overnight.

And because it’s Saturday, before you gulp down your extra large Starbucks coffee today, consider donating a dollar or more to this amazing manbecause you care.

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