Welcome to the brave new domaining world, devoid of actual WHOIS information. The GDPR is officially the most damaging bureaucratic concoction ever created about digital information, effectively dividing the Internet into two large zones: one available to Eurozone members, and one that can be … [Read more...]

ICANN needs to control gTLD domain Registries that spam

ICANN has been making a nice $185,000 dollars from every gTLD applicant, and the gift keeps on giving every year thereafter. I expressed my support for the expansion of the Internet namespace, ever since it went into effect, believing in meaningful keyword+gTLD pairs that offer a great service to … [Read more...]

Should rogue domain registrars be isolated?

Andrew Allemann made an interesting point today, at Domain Name Wire, in reference to the popularity of the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, with domain thieves. "[...] registrars should add an internal security check for transfers to eName. At a minimum, they should enforce the five day transfer … [Read more...]

Domain ownership and theft: Will ICANN remain antiquated, slow and bureaucratic?

In October 2014, before the ICANN51 conference in Los Angeles, I implored ICANN officials to include the topic of domain ownership redefinition in their agenda. Facing a dramatic surge in domain theft throughout 2014, that article outlined the reasons that domain ownership must be redefined, and … [Read more...]

ICANN give, because I care

Donating to the needy is something that is built within one's psyche. In an era that compresses human emotions into Facebook 'likes' and Twitter #hashtags, the proverbial heart does the real work. This planet is occupied by more than 7 billion humans, many of which face famine or devastation. … [Read more...]