I’m sorry my friends but I don’t love your spam

It’s Friday and all while I’m sitting tight waiting for the delivery of my new camera, I thought I’d reach out to my friends.

I love you all – I just don’t love your spam.

You know who you are: every funny video you see on YouTube, every joke your co-worker sent you, every damn recipe your mom wants to share with the rest of the world – you stick all that in an email and send it my way.

Seriously, I thought I wade through enough unsolicited emails daily; from lowball offers for domains to inquiries about purchasing services I myself provide, such as web and graphics development. The last thing I need is more spam, from my own friends.

I call it “friendly fire” spam.

So here’s what I do to fight back – gently.

I use Gmail to retrieve my email, then mark those multiple daily emails of yours as spam. Gmail learns fast to recognize what I don’t like. Hey presto, more time to deal with regular spam.

I hope you still love me. TGIF. 😀

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