Blocked an entire TLD for the spam it produced

There is a tremendous amount of spam circulating 24/7 and domain investors often receive hundreds of emails daily. In recent years I've identified the two primary reasons unsolicited email has increased in volume: Cheap, throwaway domain names, and Spam servers hiding behind free proxy … [Read more...]

ICANN needs to control gTLD domain Registries that spam

ICANN has been making a nice $185,000 dollars from every gTLD applicant, and the gift keeps on giving every year thereafter. I expressed my support for the expansion of the Internet namespace, ever since it went into effect, believing in meaningful keyword+gTLD pairs that offer a great service to … [Read more...]

Registrars: I don’t need add-on services

The amount of spam - unsolicited email - that I receive daily, is horrendous. Along with offers to buy worthless domains, lowball inquiries and emails from "buxom Ukrainian 24-year-olds", some domain registrars started to send out a hefty amount of emails unrelated to domain registration … [Read more...]

I’m sorry my friends but I don’t love your spam

It's Friday and all while I'm sitting tight waiting for the delivery of my new camera, I thought I'd reach out to my friends. I love you all - I just don't love your spam. You know who you are: every funny video you see on YouTube, every joke your co-worker sent you, every damn recipe your mom … [Read more...]

Spam or not? The rotten side of domain steak

Currently, there are several active threads over at DNForum, related to spam sent to domainers. According to Wikipedia, spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. With regards … [Read more...]