Internet Traffic: Top PPC dollar for your parked domains

For the past 40 days I’ve been testing Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic platform, for PPC performance.

In summary, it rocks, and in the process I’ve terminated my PPC relationship with other parking companies, including Sedo.

A full 100% of my parked domains are now at Internet Traffic and current earnings show it was the right choice.

Internet Traffic outperformed Sedo by as much as 80% on a daily basis, and the reason is simple: they pay you more.

For years, Sedo and other PPC companies tightened the PPC pipes, withholding a higher percentage of ad revenue from their customers. It was never clear what percentage I received, but now I know that it was pretty damn low.

Keep in mind, that I do not own high traffic domains, or typo-traffic for that matter.

Adding hundreds of domains was a cinch; only one was rejected. For the most part, the automatic keyword optimization worked more than fine; I tweaked a few domains, but I have yet to fully optimize my domain portfolio and I am expecting a further increase in earnings once that is completed.

Frank Schilling’s concept is simply brilliant.

By using his own direct ad feed, he cuts out the middleman and passes the earnings to the end customer. In addition, Frank uses his highly sophisticated domain selling platform as an indispensable bonus tool that generates sales and revenue for everyone using it. It’s how the majority of revenue is generated, and it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

There are more than 1.3 million domains that currently use Internet Traffic for parking, with Sedo at 1.6 million – according to Hoster Stats.

Internet Traffic is at #10 spot worldwide, regarding total numbers for DNS management of com/net/org/biz/info and ccTLDs. The growth is remarkable, considering that the platform started 18 months ago, comprising back then of just Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio.

In a nutshell: ditch your PPC provider, and switch to Internet Traffic, now. It’s the smart thing to do.


  1. It would be great if you could give some specifics and we could compare the landing pages. Sometimes a two click will out perform a one click. Other times if ads are from recognized brands, there will be more clicks. Frank has a setting you can use to micro-target and optimize each domain. They get it right 90% of the time but in some cases they can truly be selling dirt on an earth keyword that is searched for green solutions. Plus if there is potential for advertising, slogan etc, that can be programmed too.

  2. Owen – That’s true. I’m comparing apples to apples, by simply stating what the earnings are, for the same portfolio, in relation to Sedo-parked domains. The difference, for me, was huge. As they say, your mileage might vary, but at least one should test things out.

  3. Been on it over a year, the one strength is buyer might not be interested first time around, for funding issues, or time. But being able to know who your buyer is, and being able to follow up with them 6 months down the road, or what not has been huge. I was exclusive with sedo before, and going through some of my past sales, I left some money on the table, always worried how this invisible buyer was going to vanish, well they aren’t invisible anymore. They are real companies, with real revenues, that need an online home.

  4. Tom – Definitely so. Although, for the scope of this post, I’m primarily referencing PPC revenue. 🙂 The selling platform is definitely a huge, huge bonus.

  5. Seven days ago i list 3ooo+ domains with DNS.
    I think it’s premature to give my opinion on the parking matter but the sales platform and app rocks.
    The most that i like is the sales people that take care of you,with e’mails and follow ups on the domain inquiries.Very fast.
    I’m waiting like you said another month for accurate results on the parking revenue.So far it’s a little bit $ better but not to much.

  6. Rich – I would give it at least 3 weeks to compare data. I moved my entire portfolio from Sedo and elsewhere and gave it 5 weeks to be able to gauge the revenue increase. It is substantial. It’s not a secret; Frank openly states they pay more than other PPC companies. It’s a fair exchange for utilizing the best domain selling platform available.

  7. I will do that, the fact that i could communicate with my sales’s awesome.

  8. Yes, I lost focus my ppc income tripled day after I moved it from sedo, and some days it does even better when some legal, and insurance domains get clicked. It allowed me to reinvest those funds backs into purchases during the past year, making my portfolio even stronger.

  9. The fact that I find most troubling is how much parking companies made from our “golden” traffic……and how little we got!

    I know business is business……but hell, we were getting it up the a** for long time.

    Thank God for Frank!

  10. Amen !

  11. I moved my domain from Sedo to InternetTraffic and the results are awesome.

    On Sedo, I was making $2 to $5 per day…and now on Internet Traffic, the same domain makes $10 to $15 per day…huge difference!!!

    They don’t accept bullshit domains like my which got rejected…so I built a website on

  12. I signed up a few days ago, and noticed a dramatic increase in PPC revenue. It has been falling over the last 3 days though, but fluctuations happen everywhere. I am pleased so far. I know they only pay by bank wire, but I don’t know where to input my banking info. Do I just email them?

  13. David – Glad to see you’re noticing a positive difference in earnings. Give it at least a month to gauge trends.

    Regarding payments, here’s what I received from the DNS support:

    “We pay approximately net 30 from the end of a given month. So October earnings will be paid at the end of November. Currently we will pay out all amounts above $50, but we may raise that if needed in the future. Very soon we will provide a place in your account to input either paypal or wire details. We will notify everyone when it is ready.”

  14. Do they give you step by step on adding your domains?

  15. Victor – You submit new domains and they get approved (or not) within 24 hours. Simple as that.

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